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1999 Canadian German Shepherd Dog Championships
and Sieger Show
Toronto, Ontario,Canada
July 30 - August 1, 1999

Photos by Pat Saito
(may be reproduced for personal use with credit)

Page edited on 10/04/04

Working Classes (over 24 month with title)

Female  and Male                                                                     

working_femalesiegerin.jpg (32828 bytes)
Winner of class and 1999 Siegerin
Molli vom Wiesenborn SchH III

working_malesiegergait.jpg (32137 bytes)
Winner of class and 1999 Sieger
Math della Loggia dei Mercanti, SchH III, KKL1

working_femalebite160.jpg (32877 bytes)
Jana vom Pleystrang doing great bitework
Helper is Jason Peter

working_malegait183.jpg (36986 bytes)
VA Hanko IV-RE, IPO 3,1VV1,
KKL1 gaiting

working_femalegait.jpg (34284 bytes)

working_malebite.jpg (35219 bytes)
Helper Tim Bullock
with working male

working_femalecoda.jpg (35607 bytes) working_malebite2.jpg (36852 bytes)
working_femalebitetasha.jpg (25890 bytes)
Clarot's Tasha on the sleeve
working_malegait.jpg (31358 bytes)
working_femalebitecoda.jpg (37706 bytes)
Coda v. Erstehund on the sleeve

working_male172a.jpg (31587 bytes)
Third Place in class
VA3 - Guido vom Beltankamp,SchH III, KKL 1